When I first started my blog, I thought: “I can do this, no problem. What’s so hard about writing and sharing home projects once a week? I love decorating and re-decorating and get to share what I do with friends and family!”
So really the answer is: nothing. I guess it really isn’t that hard. But why have I been slacking and not blogging for weeks at a time? Yes, sometime my days are crazy busy and the kids are driving me nuts. But I think its because of two things really. #1- I’ve been lazy. There I said it. Sometimes that’s just the truth of it. And #2- I think I’ve had this blogging business all wrong lately. I used to just do this for me (and family who’s been interested). But then looking at other peoples blogs I started to think that if I share everything and maybe something that I’ve done will go viral as well and everyone would love it and say: “Wow! You’re so awesome, Diana!” That’s hard to admit because I don’t want to be criticized or judged. But this is my confession. So that I can realize that there’s so much more to life than trying to impress everyone. I’m here writing in my tiny little corner of the internet because I love to write and I love to decorate. Period. And this is my way of letting others have a glimpse into my home.
So I’ve taken a deep breath and kind of starting over. Not like I’m deleting anything. Just from here on out I do this because I enjoy sharing (I over-use this word, I know.) what I love.

Well then! Moving on.

I have been loving my all-white-and-dark-contrast-with-gold-accents living room and kitchen. But I have felt like it wasn’t homey enough for my liking. So my 3 year old drew me some art. I wrote up some art. Found a dandelion I painted back when I was still in high school. Switched up some pictures and bought some gold antlers and voila! I have a wonderful-makes-me-so-happy wall of art. I also added some more pillows in my living room and its so cozy.
I feel like it adds so much character! I literally sat in one spot and admired my two favorite rooms for about 30 minutes without doing anything else.
Here it is!


Now hopefully my husband will agree to my next project. I’ve got an unfinished basement just calling his my name.


2 thoughts on “KITCHEN WALL FUN

  1. your home is beautiful! update soon!! can’t wait to see what’s next. refinishing a basement sounds like quite the project! hope you and the kids are well!


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