I used to want my house to be bohemian and rustic and full of things. And I did try having that go for a while. But although I still love looking at all those super comfy rooms, I have gotten really tired of clutter.
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Source: Pinterest

Don’t get me wrong, I still love how those rooms look and make me feel warm and cozy. But as of right now- since my style is *ever changing*- I am more drawn to white and elegant. I draw some inspiration from the Scandinavian style going on, but more classy I suppose.

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So many times I’ve wanted to try something new I’ve been afraid of what people might say about my house. But the older I get I realize, it’s *MY* house. It’s *MY* taste. And if you like it, thank you! If you don’t, I really don’t care. I’m the one who lives here.

So on that note I may just try this whole white thing with some colorful accents. Cause whites great- bleach the curtains and rug and magic eraser for everything else. Am I right??

This also brings me to the fact that I told you in my last post that I’m not allowed to re-do anything. Well that was last week! And a new week means I kinda am swaying hubby’s mind. Now if only he’ll let me repaint… 



2 thoughts on “WHITE ON WHITE OH MY

  1. I love white, can’t wait to see what you do 😀 and also love that coffee table in the last pic! Hmmm wonder if Viktor could make me one of those 😀

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