I feel like I have’t been home this whole month! Traveling to so many different places.  Well I’m finally home and ready to re-decorate! Just kidding. I’m not allowed  to change anything around right now. But its not my fault I have an incredible itch to re-do everything all the time, I blame my mom’s good taste and passing it on to me ;). Ha.

No, instead I’ll just share a few ways that I use things such as vases to hold my utensils, cotton balls and random junk.

I used to have to rummage through my drawers to find a spatula or something to use when I was cooking. It was so annoying and would get stuck in the drawers. But I didn’t really do anything  about it until I got these two vases at a yard sale for free! And I got this great idea to stick all my spatulas and stuff in there! Much better.


And here’s some storage boxes that my husband made for me. Because I have a lot of junk that I rather not display and it gets to be hidden here.SONY DSC SONY DSC

My husband wasn’t very happy whenever he had to open the closet and try and find the cotton swabs that were forever getting lost in the mess of things in there. So my solution was to use these vases that I had found for 50 cents each at a yard sale. They were just sitting on my porch, so I washed them and filled them with some bathroom essentials. It makes me happy that it was such a simple, cheap idea and it makes my husband happy that he can find what he needs without my help.SONY DSC SONY DSC


I also have some wicked exciting news! But as of this moment I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so I shall let you all know very soon!
Oh. And to all my friends, No. I’m not pregnant.



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