I’m back! It feels like it’s been forever!! So the reason I have not been blogging is that, this past winter I was having a party in my home and there were of course- children. Toddlers to be exact. And since they were getting fussy we decided to turn a movie on for them. *Note to future self: never leave laptop unattended even if it seems a safe distance away. Kids get bored and want to touch (read: damage) anything shiny or technological.* So let’s just say I wasn’t very happy when I came in and saw my laptop with a broken screen. “Who did this?!”, is not really a very logical question to ask 2-3 year olds. None of them told me anything, maybe they were just conspiring together…
Sooo anyways, I wasn’t able to get it fixed but found a solution by hooking it up to my tv. Flash forward to about 3 weeks ago, my older daughter-Eloise- was running around the living room and almost tripping over the wire connected from the tv to the laptop. Needless to say, she finally did trip over the wire, which yanked it out of the tv ruining the cable port and sent her and the laptop sprawling to the floor and me with no ways of getting onto my already sad little, damaged laptop.
But here’s where it gets good. We finally bought a nice, clean (meaning no sticky food crap on it) new laptop!!! Wicked happy.

And then I realized that at the time being I had no pictures to post because all my photos were on my old laptop! GRRR! So I had to take some new pictures. And in case you were wondering when I’ll actually stop blubbering and show you the pictures from my Scandinavian inspired bedroom, well wait no longer! Cause here they are.

I live in a little, old ranch. And that means there’s like ZERO character. So I try to breathe some sort of life into the rooms.
We hung up the fake brick we had purchased at Home Depot and originally left it red. But when I was re-doing my room I spontaneously painted the walls and brick white. No regrets. I love how it turned out! So peaceful…

The bed was made by my uber talented husband. And the duvet and sheets and pillows were all sourced from different places.SONY DSC

The wall is left completely blank for a reason. I needed a “negative space”. A place to let my eyes rest.SONY DSC




And here’s a picture of my un-made bed. I just like how it looks. Cozy. I could stay in bed and read books all day. But I have two hungry children who will find me and you know… make me get up.



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