I’ve always loved that each of my rooms has its own theme and feel to it. I especially *LOVE* my bedroom. But I didn’t like it so much just a month ago.
Although, I am drawn to darker colors, I really felt my room was too dark and boring.  And because I am a spontaneous person who just needs to “do this right now”,I went downstairs, grabbed a gallon of white paint that I already had and liked the color of, and painted my room: white. (was this a run-on sentence? Probably.)
It was so bright at first It took me a little while to really start loving it. But as I keep adding more and more details, I keep falling more and more in love with it.
Unfortunately, today is a poopy day (Yes. I still use phrases I used to say as a kid) to take pictures. So when I figure out how to work my camera better I shall share the before and afters to that room.

But first I just *have* to show you what I got at a yard sale for $2!!  It’s absolutely perfect for my room! I couldn’t believe it, and although, not everyone’s cup of tea, this was exactly what I needed in my room.

I don’t know what to call it. A table? A storage unit? A dresser/table/storage/unit?? I guess it doesn’t really matter, I simply accept it as it is and love it so much!


I just *LOVE* it! It  fits so perfectly. I might go sit on my bedroom floor and gaze at it adoringly. Especially since it was two bucks.




  1. Let me know when you get sick of that piece 😉
    Also I love how spontaneous you are in regards to your home. Lend me some that, will ya?

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