I am inspired by all things fairy tale/enchanted forest. So yes, I watch and re-watch the “Tinkerbell” movies with my 3 year old daughter. No shame here.  They have inspired me to create a bedroom that brings you one step closer to the enchanted woodland creatures and fairies of Neverland, Some may argue that for achild’s room, this is a bit much. I disagree. My whole vision for this room was to make it an escape from the real world. I want my children’s minds to run free. To imagine being whisked away to another world. To just be children.

So working with my budget, imagination and a some help from my dad, I present to you- Eloise’s Enchanted Bedroom.

I made the tree out of paper mache. My dad helped me form it on a bunch of junk in the basement. The reason the opening of the tree is so long looking is because I wanted it to look “real”. And then I wanted to put a hobbit-like door on it. I’ll get around to it someday.
After bringing the form upstairs we nailed it to the closet and made the details on the tree with sheet rock mud. (I *think* that’s what it was.) Then I just used regular old paint from a can that I found in my basement. The branches on the ceiling are from my backyard.

The bed is actually a twin size bunk bed made  by Vermont Precision Woodworks. I got it for free at a yard sale!
The red polka dot mushrooms I made out of tin foil and paper mache.  The bench was made by my dad for my sisters wedding which  I was able to take after it was over. The rug and shelf are Ikea.  As for the rest of the decor, like the leaves and such, they were bought at goodwill and washed and sterilized!




Also! I am almost all done with my Living room!! I will be posting pictures soon!

Enjoy the rest of the day. I wish I could, but a whole pile of dirty laundry and pooped baby pants are calling my name.



    • Thank you!!
      My dad had some quick dry sheet rock mud and we just applied it with our hands and added texture like that. Then I painted it with regular paint that I had left over from painting our porch. I did add a little detail with black craft paint as well 🙂

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