I have been living in my home for almost 3 years now. And the one room that keeps completely changing is my living room! At first I couldn’t settle on a rug. Then I got one. Then it didn’t fit in with the style. So I changed my style. Then I got sick of everything and re-did it again. I did this about 5 times all in all since we moved in! I think *finally* I’m happy with what its turning out to be. Of course, I still don’t have a couch and I have yet to sand and paint the shelf that my husband made…

But this is what the house looked like before we moved in (I got the old pics off the site where it was up for sale from the previous owners) and what it looks like right now. I am a firm believer that details make the home.  And details are a part of your personality. Aaaaaand I don’t really have details right now. But I’m getting there!

Side note: I am not a very good photographer.

This is my kitchen. The first picture is the previous owners. The second is when we first moved in, and the third is from last month. We completely re-did everything! We even re-did the sheet rock when we put in new cabinets. Other than with some help from my dad and father-in-law, we did all the work ourselves. (Read: husband did pretty much everything on his own.)

sdfsdfsdfSONY DSC









This picture^ is a slightly older picture. It was before I got my big, blue bowl. And if you noticed the blue chairs, I picked those up at Goodwill, sanded them, and then my brother was kind enough to spray paint them for me with “rust-oleum”  blue spray paint from Wal-Mart which was like $3-$4 bucks.


Now, this was the previous owners living room, a couple of different styles I tried and what it looked like last month.











In this last picture, I have the most amazing shoe rack that my husband made. And he finished the built-in shelf just before he left on a two week missions trip. I had to do all the filling/sanding/painting. Also, I could’t find a large striped rug in my budget, so I brought this off-white one from my basement which we had bought  for our first apartment from Lowes. I gave it a *good* cleaning and literally just painted stripes onto it. I didn’t care if the feeling would be a little tougher because its not a soft rug in the first place. And you know what? It’s surprisingly not that much harder, sort of feels like and indoor/outdoor rug.

I will be posting the finished look soon enough. I’m just finishing up the finishing touches. 😉

But here’s a sneak peak of my daughter’s  “Enchanted Forest Bedroom”




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