Hi! My name is Diana. I stay home raising my two beautiful little girls. I like to drive my husband crazy with my “I have this great idea!” home projects.

A little about me… My husband and I moved into a simple little ranch in a quiet little neighborhood when my eldest, Eloise, was just 5 months old. We are always doing  never-ending projects. Especially my living room. But we are working on that and hopefully I’ll leave it be for a while. Hopefully.  I like each and every room to kinda have its own theme. Its own feel, if you will. But with a certain flow. I don’t really know what my style is. Since I’m pretty uneducated in these things… But I like everything that seems to fit into the style of a modest little ranch. So anyway, I will be sharing what we’ve done. What we will be doing and maybe what I wish I could do. Also, you see, I’m  not *really* super crafty. I’m constantly going on all these websites where people are reupholstering and making awesome things and I’m just over here pretending that I totally do that stuff, too. Well I tried and I continue TO try but in reality its my husband who gets stuck doing all the dirty hard work that I later just sand, paint, decorate and style. An example of me constantly having these great ideas would be like, I decide that I need a new shelf. Or bench. Or shoe rack or whatever else that either pops into my head or I see on blogs/pinterest. And my hubs gets stuck making it all for me. He’s happy to do it… I’m suuuuuure. But really, we are a team. We work together to figure out how to make our own stuff or thrift to save money. My budget may not be large but I work with what I have and with what I can afford. 🙂  I love my God, my home, decorating, my kids and most definitely my husband.



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